Travel Pillows

Some travel pillows are bulky and weigh you down, but our pillows are small and light whilst still providing the support you need. Our pillows inflate easily simply by blowing air directly inside and will deflate in seconds when you do not need them anymore. You can best judge the amount of air you need depending on if your preference is a firm or softer pillow. Anti-splash water resistant fabric ideal for camping expeditions where you are living in close quarters preventing it from being sopping wet What our pillows lack in size they certainly make up for in comfort. Enjoy the feel of smooth flocked fabric with a velvety texture. What’s more, the material is also built with anti-slip properties preventing your head from sliding off during the night and giving you a rude awakening
We are confident you will be impressed by the durability of our travel pillows which are designed for repeated use, without compromising on functionality. The thick material is resistant to puncture as well as scratches and marks.

The roll up / seat pillow is a portable, and very comfortable microbead pillow. The two-shape design makes this pillow very useful for a variety of purposes. Take with you to sporting events, school events, or any place you may be sitting for an extended period. With the built-in zipper - just unzip and sit! You can roll the pillow back up, zip and rest your head on the soft microbeads that fill this pillow on the way home from your event.