Product FAQs

Q: What is a microbead pillow?
A: Microbead pillows are filled with thousands of tiny polystyrene beads. The outer casing is usually made of a soft man-made and elastic material such as lycra or spandex. Popular microbead pillow brands include Mushy Pillows.

Q: How do you wash a microbead pillow?
A: You can wash them in a washing machine on gentle cycle with lukewarm water, however a front loader machine is recommended and you should always wash a micro bead pillow enclosed in a tied up pillow case.

Q: How do I dry my pillow?
A: When drying a microbead pillow, you may use air drying or traditional machine drying. If using a machine dryer simply make sure to use the lowest temperature setting to about 95% dry, then line or hang dry for a short time. Overheating will damage the pillow!

Q: Why Would I Want a Mushy Pillow Microbead Pillow?
A: Microbead pillows can help you sleep great. Not just okay... great. You've heard no shortage of new stories talking about the importance of good sleep: it makes you look younger, reduces stress, increases your cognitive capacity, and just leads to an overall better life. Seriously, who wouldn't want that? The first step to better sleep is a microbead pillow! The special microbeads in microbead pillows from provides your neck and head with added support while you rest. In the same accordance as their memory foam competitors, microbead pillows conform to the shape of the person using them. This is not accomplished so easily with memory foam pillows when used by other persons.