Microbead Bolster Cylindrical Roll Pillow

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Our Microbead Roll Pillows provide an incredible level of comfort with gentle uniform support all while being soft and squishy. Double-seamed for durability, our soft and squishy pillows have a stretchy polyester outer casing and are filled with tiny microbeads. These roll pillows provide your head and neck with needed support while you rest, letting you to sleep more comfortably for longer. The special microbeads support common pressure points that commonly cause pain. Dimensions: 14-inch W x 7-inch H x 7-inch D.


    • SOFT CYLINDRICAL MICROBEAD ROLL PILLOW WILL SHOW THAT MICROBEAD ENTHUSIAST HOW MUCH CARE ABOUT THEM: The Cylindrical roll pillow is a mushy pillow that you can use to decorate your bed, sofa, chair or even a chaise lounge! Its unique shape makes this pillow convenient and versatile. This comfortable microbead pillow makes a great gift.
    • PEOPLE PREFER PREMIUM POLYSTYRENE PILLOWS: Microbead pillows are great for sitting up in bed to read or propping up your tablet, placing behind your back while driving or watching TV for better posture, or putting between your knees while sleeping. Great props for yoga or Pilates classes. Just can’t sleep without it. Even pets can be caught napping on them.
    • DOUBLE SEAMED, HYPOALLERGENIC, WASHABLE, NYLON AND SPANDEX COVER FOR FLEXIBILITY AND COMFORT: Microbead Pillows do not store moisture and remains cool through the night. While the label recommends only wiping with a damp cloth and mild soap, the soft, durable, flexible bolster is machine washable separately. Put the pillow inside a pillowcase and wash on gentle cycle with cold water. The pillow is best air dried.
    • VERY DURABLE AND LAST FOR YEARS: Microbead pillows high quality prevents deflation, getting stuck with tiny beads everywhere, and hardening over time like you might find with other microbead pillows.

      DIMENSIONS: 7" X 12"

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